Being a member of STEMMER IMAGING AG Europe’s leading machine vision technology provider for science and industry, INFAIMON is a multinational company dedicated exclusively to machine vision and image analysis technology for over 25 years. In continuous expansion, it has offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil, also serving other countries in Latin America.

We are global company with local presence in most European countries. With a perfect combination of innovative products, expert advice and comprehensive service, we help our customers solve their machine vision tasks securely with speed and ease.

Our Success:

High Quality Technical Support and Proven Expertise

We have the best team of experts in the world of vision and the most advanced technical resources to meet the highest expectations of our customers, advising and accompanying them along the process for the acquisition of any vision product.

Extensive Range of Products from Top Global Manufacturers

We supply the most advanced components and vision systems on the market: lighting, optics, cameras, vision sensors, frame grabbers, smart vision systems, software and accessories from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, anticipating a fast evolving and searching for the best technology solutions, which makes us an industry leader.

Know-How Providers

We train our customers to develop their skills with our vision systems and software. Since its foundation, INFAIMON has been characterized by providing know-how in industrial, scientific, high-performance security applications and in any other field where image capturing, processing and analysis is required. This advice is focused on providing our customers with the necessary knowledge for the correct choice of the product and its efficient use, in order to achieve optimum performance, improve their productivity, reduce costs and commissioning time, and increase the quality of their products.

“INFAIMON’s success is based on becoming a trusted partner for our customers, staying ahead of the latest innovations to guarantee the best solution for them. That is our priority”.

Toni Ruiz